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Veterinary Clinical Summaries

A Southern California Veterinarian has been using Ration Plus since being introduced to it at a Veterinary Equine meeting in 1993. Below are brief summaries of the Clinic's experiences.

1) 1993 - 32 yr.old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding (hunter, jumper, pleasure) off and on feed for the last year of his life, weight loss apparent. CBC showed no abnormalities. Began RP, dosed orally with syringe on tongue; appetite improved significantly and weight began to pick back up. Was able to add RP to feed once appetite remained fairly consistent. Appetite loss was due to chronic mild discomfort due to entroliths. When this horse was in acute discomfort, he went off feed again.

2) 1995 - 3 yr. old TB mare, post surgical complications (colon resection). CBC, low protein. Poor appetite, chronic diarrhea, intestinal pain. This mare had been off and on feed for 1-2 months. Began 6 ml RP and appetite was excellent within 72 hrs. Stools were still loose, but not quite as profuse. 3 ml dose of RP twice daily. Mare improved significantly; stools formed while appetite was maintained.

3) 1995 - Post Partum appetite loss: added 3 ml RP to feed and appetite increased. Decreased dose to 3 ml once a day and mare maintained her weight while nursing her foal.

4) 1996 - 3 yr. old Standard Bred colt and 5 yr. old Standard Bred mare. Chronic watery diarrhea for 2-3 months; very poor appetite. No improvement was made with treatment of antibiotics and steroids. Both horses 100 lbs. or more under weight. Began 3 ml RP, dosed orally. 48 to 72 hrs. significant improvement was observed. Horses appetites were excellent and diarrhea was less profuse and watery. Appetites improved. These were long term difficult diagnosis, and as time went on, powered pig plasma was added with even more improvement in the consistency of the stool.

5) 1996 - 2 mth. old foals: sand colic. Poor appetite, chronic diarrhea, occasional colic discomfort. Began 1 ml RP twice daily in dose syringe. Colts appetite improved and psyllium was added to daily dose to control diarrhea. Continued until colts exhibited less desire to eat dirt.

6) 1996 - 3 mth. old orphaned foal, off feed and stressed. Began 2 ml RP twice daily and appetite improved within 72 hrs. After 2 weeks decreased RP to 1 ml twice daily and appetite stayed excellent. 3 months into RP program colt was decreased to 1 ml RP once daily. Colt has been off RP 3 weeks and appetite has remained good.

7) 1996 - 7 mth. old colt, suspect ulcers. NO appetite, losing weight, occasional discomfort. Began 2 ml RP and ulcer meds in dose syringe twice daily. 4 days into treatment colt's appetite was excellent. Decreased RP to 2 ml after the first 2 weeks, and discontinued ulcer meds. Continued for 1 more week and discontinued RP. Colt's appetite remains good.

Recently, the clinic has been separating weanling foals, and they have gone off feed occasionally - 2 to 3 days of RP orally 2 times a day has put them back on their feed. No actual scientific tests were performed to determine lactobacillus acidophilus abnormalities in the intestinal tract of these horses. All of the horses were exposed to some stressful situation that resulted in going off feed, as well as other symptoms mentioned.

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