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Recommendations from John Lyons' The Perfect Horse

"Feeding probiotic products like Ration Plus will help the horse get the most from his diet, enhancing his digestion process. - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, August 2002, "Head Off Founder In Old Horses", pages 7-10

"Before considering grain, make sure you have already tried feeding your horse free-choice hay (clean hay in front of him 24/7) and tried a good digestive enhancer like Ration Plus." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, February 2003, "Lyons On: Does Your Horse Need Grain?", page 21

"We prefer Ration Plus to feeding live organisms because it works by making the large bowel a more favorable place for beneficial organisms to grow. It's also the only product we've found that has studies that actually prove it improves weight gain." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, December 2002, "Helping Ol' Slim", pages 6-10

"There are many products available. One we especially like is called 'Ration Plus.' It contains no organisms but is designed to encourage growth of the beneficial 'bugs' in the intestine and it works." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, January 1997, Dear John: "Lean Times", page 30

"Another product we recommend is Ration Plus, a dark brown fluid. It contains no live bacteria but is obtained by a special process from cultures of rapidly dividing beneficial bacteria. This product encourages the growth of all species of normal and helpful bacteria. It is well accepted and economical." "However, yogurt and probiotics contain limited numbers of organisms and in far less variety than is present in normal manure. A combination of access to normal manure and use of Ration Plus, which will help greatly in getting the organisms established, is an inexpensive and effective way to manage this problem." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, March 1997, "The Orphaned Foal", page 24

"The most common cause of chronic diarrhea is an imbalance in the organisms inhabiting the intestinal tract. Ration Plus™ helps create an environment conducive to the growth of healthy bacteria. Use of probiotic products may also help with chronic diarrhea cases. However, many of these contain limited numbers of bacterial species, some only one. We have found a better approach is to use Ration Plus, since it encourages the growth of the beneficial bacteria, allowing the normal variety to repopulate the intestines." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, January 1998, "Diarrhea Dangers", page 14

"You should also start the horse on Ration Plus, which is excellent for encouraging the growth of 'friendly' organisms in the intestine." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, July 1998, Dear John, "Chronic Problems", pages 31-32

"You should also use a digestive enhancer like Ration Plus to improve the efficiency of digestion, and we suggest boosting antioxidant vitamins and minerals." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, January 2000, "Anemic Old Pony", pages 31-32

"We looked at eight probiotic products, and compared them in terms of effectiveness and price for that effectiveness. Our bottom-line recommendation is Ration Plus. It is the only product backed up with formal research in horses, and it is inexpensive." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, November 2000, "Probiotics to the Rescue", pages 18-21

"You can help...by using a good probiotic, which encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and aids digestion (See Probiotics to the Rescue, November '00, in which we recommended Ration Plus." - John Lyon's Perfect Horse, March 2001, "Spring Pastures: Delicious but Deadly?", page 13

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Ration Plus for Dogs and Horses
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