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Field Tests

Field studies were conducted in 1986 and 1987 using various performance horses through out the United States to determine the benefits of Ration Plus for Horses. The field studies have shown significant and often dramatic changes in the animals overall condition within a 30 day period. The following list shows the most common results of Ration Plus supplementation:

Initiates weight gain in under weight horses or hard keepers within 10 to 20 days.
Maintains weight in horses under stress.
Increases feed efficiency as indicated when excess amounts of feed stuff commonly found in manure are considerably reduced or completely gone within 4 to 10 days.
Stops flatulence.
Increases appetite in anorexic animals.
Alleviates and prevents digestive disturbances such as diarrhea.
Decreases recovery time.
Improves hair coat quality and shine.
Improves hoof and skin condition.

Ration Plus for Horses causes these dramatic changes in such a short period of time by shifting the digestive microbial population through changes in the digestive environment.

The purpose of the following study was to show that Ration Plus does actually show changes in the digestive micro-environment. The most common results of adding Ration Plus to a horse's diet are listed above demonstrating the benefits of these changes.

In this particular study the horses were very healthy and living in low stress conditions. As expected, the effects of Ration Plus were very subtle. There were significant but not dramatic shifts in the microbial digestive population which are favorable results since the horses were in good physical condition and low stress environments. These horses likewise showed subtle improvement in their hair coat and over all appearance. Clearly, the degree of microbial shift and the benefits shown in the animals overall appearance depends greatly on the animals condition before supplementation. Ration plus can benefit all horses, young and old. However, the degree to which a horse owner will note marked changes in the animals appearance or performance depends on the owners precision in observation and the horses previous condition.

The main culprit in detrimental microbial shifts is stress. Often times, "Stressors" are very difficult to pinpoint, particularly when the negative results don't show themselves for months, i.e. weight loss. Stress may be either physical or psychological, or both. The ability of a horse to adapt to stress has definite limits beyond which continued stress may cause a break down in the system. This limit varies from horse to horse. Ration Plus helps guard your horses from the effects of stress by maintaining a favorable digestive environment for important microbial populations.

On the opposite side of this page is a summary of the Bacterial Analysis conducted by the Associated Regional and University Pathologists, Inc. and Clayton Cannon, D.V.M.

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