Ration Plus for Horse Digestion and dog digestion

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Ration Plus for Dogs A Better Nutritional Supplement ration plus for dog health

Ration Plus provides your dog's digestive system with a favorable environment for the growth and activity of important beneficial digestive microorganisms.

Ration Plus for Dogs helps better meet the digestive needs of all dogs, even those eating the best of feeds. Ration Plus helps maintain digestive-tract health. You'll see it in brighter, healthier coats. Just 2 ounces of Ration Plus are recommended daily for dogs.

Every Dog Can Benefit
Ration Plus keeps healthy dogs healthy. It prevents the depletion of beneficial intestinal bacteria brought on from travel, competition and breeding. Maintaining weight and muscle gain in growing dogs is easier with Ration Plus for Dogs.

Ration Plus is safe for all dogs in every stage of life, including pregnant or lactating bitches. Ration Plus is drug free and can be fed to trial or show dogs. It's safe to handle and harmless to the environment.

Ration Plus contains a liquid lactobacillus fermentation product which has been shown to counteract metabolic changes that lead to digestive problems.

Ration Plus is especially effective with dogs whose metabolism cannot completely handle commercial dog foods. Ration Plus is often used to address issues such as too low or too high body weight, gas, loose stool and shedding.

A clinical study among healthy dogs showed that Ration Plus, as part of overall good care:

Promoted weight gain
Helped build muscle
Increased physical activity
Healthier hair coats
Improved quality of life

Insure Complete, Balanced Nutrition
How do you know your dog is getting all of the nutrients it needs every day?

Ration Plus insures the balanced ration you feed does its job. Use Ration Plus so you can count on your dog food's essential vitamins and minerals being available so diseases and parasites are more easily kept in check.
Ration Plus for Dogs high-quality intestinal supplement every day and allow your dog to access its food for:

vitamins important for immune protection and valuable bone minerals,
promoting overall physical development,
strengthening the build-up of bones,
enhancing the ability to perform, and
feeding the dog's immune system.

Ration Plus is a nutritional supplement that aids your dogs digestions to give him more energy, improved coat and health.


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Ration Plus for Dogs and Horses
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